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Simulation Accuracy & Validation Informatics (SAVI)

GUI-based tool designed to facilitate and automate the validation of simulated land change models

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Deep Learning for Ecosystem Services

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to classify and map areas of highest concentration of cultural ecosystem services

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Storm Forecast

Machine Learning algorithms to predict 24-hour tropical and extra-tropical storm intensity

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Telecoupling Toolbox

A suite of geospatial software tools and apps for socioeconomic and environmental analysis of coupled human-natural systems (CHANS) from local to global scales

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Tangible Landscape

A hands-on approach to environmental decisions using tangible geospatial modeling

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LANDIS-II: Base Epidemiological Disturbance Agent

Software extension for LANDIS-II adding spatiotemporal dynamics of epidemiological disturbance to forest landscape simulation models

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Spatiotemporal Interpolation of Missing Climatological Data

Comparison of probabilistic and deterministic spatiotemporal statistical techniques for reconstructing hourly time series of near-surface air temperature recorded by a dense network of forest understory sensors

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Bayesian Species Distribution Models

Using advanced statistical models to predict the geographical distribution of invasive species from occurrence field data

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Custom Python-R Tools for ESRI's ArcGIS

Sets of integrated custom Python-R script tools for ESRI's ArcGIS

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Standby Task Force: Crowdsourced Satellite Imagery Tagging

Volunteer experience with the Standby Task Force (SBTF) group using crowdsources satellite imagery analysis for disaster management and emergency response

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Spatiotemporal Simulation of Invasive Species Spread

Dynamic stochastic simulation models to predict areas of potential infestation by invasive termites

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Drought Risk Assessment from Satellite Imagery Analysis

Extreme value statistical models applied to raster data in order to assess the extent of the areas prone to severe drought conditions

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Web-based Information System for UN FAO's Food and Agriculture Statistics

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