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Practical Implementations of AI & ML in Conservation Contexts

Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and how to incorporate AI into your programs and projects. This webinar provides an introduction to two practical implementations of AI in the conservation context, highlight lessons learned from some of the early implementations of AI in our sector, and inspire new ideas and partnerships. Mapping Ocean Wealth (MOW) is a global initiative to map coastal and ocean ecosystem services and the benefits nature provides to people. AI techniques in image recognition, such as Deep Learning, were used to classify geo-tagged photos from Flickr combined with global data provided by the tourism industry to map tourism benefits provided by coral reefs in the Caribbean region. Developed by The Nature Conservancy in partners with UCSC and Critigen.

Tangible Geospatial Modeling for Collaborative Environmental Management

This video demonstrate the use of Tangible Landscape for the collaborative management of devastating forest epidemics, such as Sudden Oak Death (SOD) in California.

Geospatial 2D Simulation of Invasive Species Spread

Animation of a simulated invasive termite spread in Dania Beach, Florida, using a grid-based modeling approach. See project and publications list for more info.